A Maelstrom Of Expectations: Narrative Analysis Of Participation In Local Land Use Conflict

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Anna-Kaisa Kuusisto-Arponen, Markus Laine & Marianna Rauhala

Too often land use conflicts end in deadlock and a resolution has finally to be sought in the courts. In order to accommodate new solutions, we argue that the different rationalities of planning, the civic and expert expectations of participation and the understanding of place all require closer analysis. Developing Hartmann’s (2012) idea of planning as expectation management, we recognize common issues and situations when dialogue between different agents is possible. Through narrative analysis we follow how the conflict case becomes defined by different agents, how relationships and loyalties develop and how and why competing ideas of the best possible solutions come into the conflict process. We claim that instead of perfect solutions, land use practices should aim at clumsy solutions. Thus, different expectations regarding participation can be better taken into consideration. As a result, this leads to more challenging planning tasks but also to a better living environment.
Keywords: expectation management, participation, land use conflict, place, narrative analysis

Anna-Kaisa Kuusisto-Arponen

HT, dosentti, Akatemiatutkija, POLEIS, Johtamiskorkeakoulu, Tampereen yliopisto