Happiness in different residential areas of Turku

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Arttu Saarinen, Jarkko Rasinkangas, Risto Kaikkonen & Minna-Liisa Luoma

This article analyzes how happy people are in different areas of Turku. The survey data (ATH) comes from the Regional Well-being and Health project from 2010. Happiness was measured on the basis of subjective experiences. The data were analyzed using descriptive methods and logistic regression analysis. The explanatory variables were chosen based on earlier studies of happiness. Citizens in the municipality of Turku who consider themselves happy live more often in the following areas: Skanssi-Uittamo, Hirvensalo-Kakskerta, Länsikeskus and Varissuo-Lauste. Our results suggest that people who live in Skanssi-Uittamo, Hirvensalo-Kakskerta and Varissuo-Lauste are happier than those who live in other areas of Turku.
Keywords: happiness, Turku, questionnaire, area

Arttu Saarinen

VTT, tutkijatohtori, Turun yliopisto, sosiologian oppiaine