Motorway Junctions or Vibrant Centres

Quality of the Urban Environment in the Regional City

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Panu Söderström

The urban structure of the Greater Helsinki area is taking a multi-nuclei form. In this study, a ten-point set of criteria was created to function as a tool for assessing the diversity and quality of the urban environment in metropolitan centres. These criteria were based on a city development strategy that promotes vibrant public spaces as a key element in pedestrian-friendly, socially functional and safe city districts. The study focuses on three centres in the Greater Helsinki area: Itäkeskus in Helsinki, Leppävaara in the city of Espoo and the town centre of Kerava.
Keywords: urban environment, urban structure, sub-centres, regional city

Panu Söderström

FM, projektitutkija, Helsingin yliopisto, Geotieteiden ja maantieteen laitos