Instructions for writers

The Finnish Journal of Urban Studies publishes articles, reports, book reviews and other current texts concerning urban planning. The publishing of articles is decided through an expert review process. The review is conducted by the editorial board and experts whom are named by the board. The editorial board sends the articles as anonymous to the experts.

The timetable of the editorial process:

Nro To seditor Layout Publication
1 15.12. 10.1. 28.2.
2 7.3. 10.4. 31.5.
3 6.6. 25.8. 15.10.
4 3.10. 25.10. 15.12.

Manuscripts are to be sent to the subeditor (Maria Viitanen) vie e-mail. The following text editions are required: line spacing 1,5; font size 12; the hierarchy of topics is ought to be edited clearly and the use of topic styles is recommended; topics should not be indented. The names, contacts, post addresses, academic degrees and posts of the writers should be subscribed at the side of the manuscript.

Manuscripts which are meant to be published as articles are instructed to be 30 000 – 40 000 characters in lenght. If pictures, tables or plots are attached, each of them cuts down the total lenght of the manuscript by 1000 characters. For instance, with two pictures the maximum lenght becomes 38 000 characters. In-text citations are written in parentheses so that the name of the author is followed by the year of publication and pages of the reference if needed (Robertson 1997, 102-114). If two or more of the sources have been published by the same author on the same year the publications are to be sorted with lower-case letters (Thorpe 1995a; 1995b).

An abstract of approximately 100 words in length and 3 to 5 highlight words are also required of the manuscript. The abstract is required to have a topic and it should function as an independent description of the article. All the abstracts will be listed on a separate page in the end of the volume. The references are to be listed in the end of the manuscript under the title ”References”. The following information should be mentioned under every reference in the given order: author’s last name, first name, year of publication in parentheses and the name or title of the published text. When monographies are used as references the publisher and the place of pubilcation should be reported. If edited books are used as references the editor of the book, the title of the book and the place of publication should be reported. If articles are used as references the full name of the journal, volume, the number of the journal and the pages of the article should be reported. If serials are used as references the name of the series, the running number or other identifier of the publication, the publisher and the place of publication should be reported.


  • Ambrose, Peter (1994). Urban process and power. Routledge, London.
  • Fainstein, Susan S. (1990). The changing world economy and urban restructuring. In the publication Judd, Dennis & Michael Parkinson (Eds.): Leadership and urban regeneration. Cities in North America and Europe. Sage, Newbury Park.
  • Mäenpää, Pasi & Aniluoto, Arto & Manninen, Rikhard & Villanen, Sampo (2000). Sanat kivettyvät kaupungiksi. Tutkimus Helsingin kaupunkisuunnittelun prosesseista ja ihanteista. Yhdyskuntasuunnittelun tutkimus- ja koulutuskeskuksen julkaisuja B 83. Teknillinen korkeakoulu, Espoo.
  • Ruoppila, Sampo (1997). Muuttuva Moskova. Katsaus sosiaaliseen kaupunkirakenteeseen. Yhteiskuntasuunnittelu 35: 1, 34-44.

Pictures, tables and plots are to be subscribed as separate files. Picture formats should be discussed with the subeditor.

Articles are also published online one year after the publication in the journal.