Where is the gentrification of Kallio?

Here I analyze, if Kallio district in Helsinki can be seen as a gentrified neighborhood based on Finnish and international definitions. I use mainly quantitative measures. The results are twofold. On one hand Kallio does not qualify as a gentrified neighborhood as the educational level, income and age structure of the district have been relatively stable in the last two decades compared to the rest of the Helsinki. On the other hand housing prices have been rising faster than in the whole city. More qualitative indicators have shown changes in the local grass-roots level activity. It is further deduced that this partial gentrification might be due to general raising income level in Helsinki, unmeasured hidden sources of income concentrated on Kallio area or simply cultural changes in the young generation of residents.

Keywords: gentrification, revitalization, Kallio, Helsinki

Aleksi Karhula

Tohtorikoulutettava, Sosiaalitieteiden laitos, Turun Yliopisto.