Biodiversity offsetting – a solution for conflicts over biodiversity values in land use planning?

Nina V. Nygrén

Often conflicts between nature conservation and other goals of land use planning are solved by putting the biodiversity values aside. However this might be insufficient and even unnecessary. In some cases biodiversity offsetting might be a solution. The goal of this article is to clarify and give tools for the public and scientific discussion in Finland and to define what is biodiversity offsetting. I will analyze literature on biodiversity offsetting by using interpretative policy analysis in order to produce a view on the problems and possibilities of biodiversity offsetting in Finland.

Keywords: Land use planning, nature conservation, Biodiversity offsetting, ecological compensation, conflict

Nina Nygrén

HT, tutkijatohtori, Tampereen yliopisto, Johtamiskorkeakoulu, Luonnon ja ympäristön politiikan tutkimusryhmä (PONTE)