Lahti local master plan as a tool for strategic spatial planning

Lahti local master plan as a tool for strategic spatial planning In this article I examine the relationship between strategic and statutory spatial planning. I approach the question by analyzing the strategic local master plan process of Lahti. The article focuses on describing the planning process and its connections to the municipal strategy and exploring the legitimacy issues of strategic local master planning. The results suggest that statutory instruments can be utilized in making strategic choices about future land use as the legislation leaves room for local creativity and experimenting. The article also underlines that special attention should be paid to the legitimacy of planning, especially when the planning process is being reshaped. To conclude, the article highlights the importance of planning process as an evolving and developing forum to support strategic collaboration.

Keywords: strategic spatial planning, statutory spatial planning, strategic framing, legitimacy, Lahti

Johanna Tuomisaari

HM, tohtorikoulutettava, Johtamiskorkeakoulu, Tampereen yliopisto