“There seems to be a piece missing.” Trust in planning for urban infill

Densification has been chosen as a future strategy in the growing cities in Finland. Urban infill sets new challenges for the planning process and pushes the actors to reconfigure their positions. The city of Tampere chose the Tammela district next to the city center as a pilot area for infill in 2009. We examine the planning process from the perspective of trust, applying a typology from Malcolm Tait, and focusing especially on the interaction between the city planners and the housing companies. Our analysis reveals many forms and moments of both trust and distrust during the planning process and suggests that trust should be actively constructed. In addition to rational calculative trust, interpersonal bonds and interaction, trust based on assumptions of other’s values and norms, and trust in institutions, we discovered that owner-occupiers’ trust in their own capabilities to take active part in planning is crucial for the infill projects to proceed successfully.

Keywords: trust, urban infill, housing companies, planning

Minna Santaoja

HT, apurahatutkija, Tampereen yliopisto, Johtamiskorkeakoulu