Participatory budgeting in the planning of sub-urban recreational area

This article studies participatory budgeting in the planning and designing recreational area around the Lake Tesoma in a sub-urban area in Tampere. The focus is on the process of implementation from the launch phase to the participatory phase and decision making phase, and local meanings structuring the process. Inhabitants emphasized the equality between people on opposite sides of the lake, while the city administration underlines equality across city. The study shows how this led to contradictory views and expectations. The local context significantly contributes on the implementation of global participatory practices, even though global ideas on participation enable novel ideas for local level.

Keywords: Participatory budgeting, participatory planning, interpretative policy analysis, implementation

Liisa Häikiö

Professori, Yhteiskunta- ja kulttuuritieteiden yksikkö, Tampereen yliopisto