Eliel Saarinen and the Contradiction of Tall Buildings

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Minna Chudoba


The question of tall buildings is as relevant today as it was in the early 1900s.This paper presents a descriptive analysis (diachronic and synchronic) of three texts or works by the prominent Finnish architect and town planner Eliel Saarinen, all from different decades, but all concerning the construction of tall buildings from a townscape perspective. The first is an article (1907) where Saarinen criticized his teacher’s infill proposal, the second is Saarinen’s skyscraper entry (1922) for the Chicago Tribune Tower competition, and the third is the skyscraper critique in Saarinen’s book The City (1943). All three show a concern for the urban environment as a whole.
Keywords: Saarinen, townscape, skyscraper

Minna Chudoba

TkT, Arkkitehti, Yliopistonlehtori, TTY, Arkkitehtuurin laitos